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Michael Stipe 10/1/2019

"I depend on body work to be able to continue my job, and so I have had decades of experience with all different types of body workers.  Edie is in my top 10.  I could not offer a stronger recommendation to anyone within shouting distance of Tybee.  Come see Edie!"   

--Michael Stipe, artist, singer/songwriter

Karen Rose 07/30/2019

"While on vacation, my back went into a complete spasm the whole night. I called Edie, and she graciously fit me into her schedule. Assuring me that she could help me, gave me peace of mind.Due to extreme back tightness, spasms and pain, Edie saw me twice. I walked out of the first treatment feeling much better. After the next treatment, I felt pain free. Edie is a true miracle worker who cares deeply about your well-being. I highly recommend her services. Thank you, Edie!"



Sue Stephens 7/02/2019

"Edie,  I’m grateful that we met and that my son, daughter in law and I were able to receive the healing massages from you. It was a wonderful experience for us all. Thank you for sharing your gift."



Michael Stipe 9/29/2018

"Feeling great! I made the road trip with just a bit of expected soreness, but all is great now!! The work you did was fantastic!! Thank you Edie!"

Leslie Leverett 9/21/2018
"I feel so much better! We walked on the beach this evening. I was so glad to finally make it there. I got a little tired and sore on the way back, but I am going to do some of the stretches when I go to bed. Hopefully tomorrow morning will be even better. Thank you so much for helping me and spending extra time with me! I don’t think I would have been able to enjoy the beach this evening without your help."

Beth Bell 6/8/2017

"Relaxing and renewing describe our experience with Edie.  For the second time, when our group of friends visited the island, Edie came to our vacation home and provided personalized massage for all seven friends. She is skilled, professional and has impressive communication skills.  All seven were extremely pleased with our massages.   We highly recommend Edie."

Carolyn Shalosky 11/22/2015

"Super Relaxing Massage!

The Swedish massage by Edie was exceptional. She was delightful and arrived at our rental condo on Tybee promptly and well-prepared. She set up in our living room in no time at all and I was able to enjoy a super relaxing massage while listening to the soothing sounds of the ocean right outside. I highly recommend Edie for any massage service and plan to call her again when we are in town again."

Muriel Lindsay 7/4/2011

"How often does the opportunity to work as part of a partnership for the good of one’s own health and transformation occur. That seems to me to be a relatively rare thing. Maybe I should say more what I mean by “partnership.” When Edie takes on a client, she steps into the role of advocate of what is best for you and your body in what I consider to be a very unique way. She is there to help you feel better, yes. And to educate you, true. But beyond that, she is attuning to what is going on with you on many different levels, and using her ability to do such an attunement in a whole collection of ways. She has learned to heed her inner knowing, and clear herself enough that she can receive it. That is how she determines how each session will go. She never knows in advance what she will be doing and she just trusts what comes through. The results of her sessions are always obvious to me very quickly.

Clearly, Edie is responding to her calling in this life. Whenever someone does respond to their calling, it becomes very obvious to anyone observing them. It is a very different thing than just choosing a career. It is about knowing your purpose, and what you are designed for, and then giving your all, all of which applies in the case of Edie as healer.

I have been working with Edie for several months now and she has been as good a partner in my health re-balancing as I could ask for. I have always believed that ultimately, we are responsible for our own health and well being, and there are times when we need someone to get on board with us even as we are still taking as much responsibility as we know how to at the time. I have discovered that the longer I work with Edie, the more “magic” happens in my body’s learning how to come into even better alignment. It is as if my cells have caught on to what my work with her is about and they are like good students that realize this teacher/healer is wanting what is best for all concerned so let’s co-operate even more. Initially I was afraid Edie’s level of dedication was going to burn her out until I realized a very important piece . . .she LOVES what she does. It is a labor of love, and, like all of us have to do, she must balance her dedication but I know for sure, she will never leave it. I feel quite blessed to have the gift of her in my life."



Marcel Desjardins 4/12/2010

"Thought of getting Shiatsu type massage from Edie, to relieve on-going pain in lower back- left buttock-pelvic-hip region due to improper weight-lifting technique which caused original injury about 5 months ago. Had seen chiropractor who suggested use of stretching, rollerball and lacrosse ball exercises to relieve what was diagnosed as a muscle based problem. Edie listened and recommended mostly specific stretching exercises, while stabilizing  spine and using proper breathing technique. Without looking at my program of exercises, Edie’s proposed exercises matched many on that list but also added significant and precise exercises focused on the key areas.  She also spent a few moments applying Shiatsu or trigger point massage techniques. After 2 sessions and 11 days before a planned triathlon in Savannah she was confident I would be able to complete my triathlon without pain (in a previous triathlon, 2 weeks before, the bike ride proved to be very disagreeable; the pain in the affected areas swelled up as the bike race went on). So I stuck with the plan and listened to her advice about not pushing through pain, but to stop when it hurt and practice the suggested exercises at that moment. Well, Edie thank you, because I completed that triathlon without pain, although my muscles were  normally fatigued after my longest ride of the season and very little biking previously. Good listening and proper approach to treatment made my visits worthwhile. And I’ll continue to incorporate stretching in my daily activities to maintain good health and well-being. Thank you Edie and God bless"



Marlene Fitzpatrick 3/11/2010

"I have been a proponent of massage therapy for many years and have had massages all over the world.   Edie gave me one of the best I have ever had.  Her many-faceted approach to massage therapy was most beneficial.  I was having a problem with my neck and she provided real relief as well as simple exercises that I could do to strengthen my neck muscles.  I would highly recommend her.  I especially like her holistic approach to wellness."


Erika 1/4/2010

"I have been a massage therapist for over 25 years and had a wonderful experience with Edie at Coastal Fitness. She is very professional and genuinely has her clients’ well being at the heart of her practice. Her knowledge and experienced touch is awesome. I highly recommend her."


Diana Martin 12/31/2009

"I just left Edie.  I am on Tybee to relax for this week after Christmas.  I have had regular massage all my life and Edie’s is the best massage I have ever had.  I had budgeted for one massage this week;however, after the first one I opted to delete some souvenirs and add another massage.  I feel like a new woman.  Edie has the perfect touch.  I feel fresh and new and ready for the challenges of a new year.  Thank you Edie.  If you ever come to Lexington, KY please call me.  If I get back to Tybee I will make an appointment with you my first order of business.
Happy New Year!"


Greg Kosarin 12/15/2009

"Although I was on a relaxing vacation, thought a nice massage would hit the spot…plus i did have some sore muscles from overdoing free weights.  Edie had the knack of finding every sore spot and just about fixing them during the hour.  Even more impressive, she emailed me a series of suggested exercises to heal my sore muscles once I returned home.  Great combination of a massage and sports therapist."


Tillie 12/7/2009

"I had some health issues. Edie was a big part of my healing process. I highly recommend her!"



Karen 10/26/2009

"Edie is the best. i truly enjoy training with her and she makes every workout interesting and challenging.  cannot believe how much i have improved my overall well being, thanks to her.

She is very devoted to her clients and just such a positive and knowledgeable trainer. Thank you."

L Robinson 12/23/2009

"I was fortunate enough to have been given the gift of a massage at Edie’s center during my recent visit to Tybee Island, GA. This special gift was from ‘my twin’ and was a surprise, joy and wonderful experience. Edie’s healing touch soothed the tenseness right out of my shoulders and left me feeling wonderfully relaxed. I can see that I’ll have to make a stop at Edie’s center a regular routine during my visits to Tybee and I will encourage others to stop by as well."


Dianna Feltner 10/16/2009

"While on vacation I turned The Big 40. The morning of my birthday I and my sister in-law was sent to see Edie. What a WONDERFUL surprise. She is an exceptional Therapist. Words would do her no justice for her knowledge of how and what she does. If you are in the Tybee Island of Savannah area she is by far worth coming to see. Thanks Edie"

Cindy Studenc 9/19/2009

"If you are looking for a massage and are in need of pain relief look no further. Edie is a highly qualified, professional, motivated, confident teacher and massage therapist. She went way beyond the call of duty to help me when I was on vacation and in pain. She scheduled me during a time that she didn’t normally make appts. She used heat, ice and aromatherapy as well as her great techniques from many years of experience.She is a very positive and energetic individual. If you know you are coming to the area for vacation call ahead and reserve your appt."


Misty 9/7/2009

"Had such a wonderful massage! I didn’t want to get up. A splendid way to begin our beach vacation. Wonderful atmosphere and affordable rated. Will certainly be back next time we’re on Tybee Time"


Anna Burgard 8/26/2009

"Edie is a great motivator–and very accommodating. When I had a recent back injury she helped me at my home until I could be out and about again. She’s one of the most positive people I know, and is very kind. All of this comes out in her Pilates classes and massage sessions."


Vivian 8/24/2009

"Edie is awesome! I recently made my first visit to Tybee in search of a quiet laid-back beach vacation. I was hoping to find lots of rest & relaxation after a very stressful summer. Tybee was a great choice but not as great as choosing Edie for a much needed massage. After spending my first vacation night tossing & turning because of neck & shoulder pain I checked the web for a massage therapist and found Edie! I spent the next afternoon with Edie and two days later when back for another massage & heat therapy.

Edie is very professional yet personable. She went above & beyond the requested massage & shared several ideas for de-stressing. Her facility is immaculate, uncluttered, and conveniently located right on the island. I can’t wait to get back to Tybee & another of Edie’s massages!"



Karin 7/23/2009

"I highly recommend Edie with coastal fitness and wellness. She is great and i really enjoy her pilates mat training. I feel soooo much better, i have only been with her 3 times so far and what a difference it has made already.. Thanks."


James & Sonja 7/18/2009

"We had a great massage and she treated my son as if he was her own. I feel like a million bucks. You must get a massage from Edie. You will never be the same."


Brian Smith 6/14/2009

"Edie is fantastic! I was visiting from Atlanta for Memorial weekend and discovered her through her website. Because of the long, demanding hours I had been putting in at work, I was in desperate need of a massage and after our visit I felt like a new man again! The tension had disappeared and I felt loose and relaxed. I’ve been to many therapists all over the country and I can honestly admit that Edie is the best because of her extensive knowledge and range of treatments. If I was in Tybee right now, I would call her and book an appointment today."



Anita Butler 5/11/2009

"Edie Mercado is one of the most gifted massage therapists I know- her healing touch is priceless. She is a delightful person with a professional attitude.Tybee is very lucky to have her and her vast skills on the island. The beautiful and serene atmosphere at Coastal Massage Fitness & Wellness is a place for clients to relax for a massage, or have a fitness session to meet their needs. I highly recommend her services."




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